A small team working in honest collaboration with you

We're strategists, marketers, designers, developers, and visionaries who love working with one another—and would love to work with you, too.

Together we MAKE creative and intriguing campaigns for brands that want to MAKE a difference. We serve as an extension to your marketing team, plugged in as a source of knowledge because of proven methods that translate into results. We work across traditional and digital channels to help you exceed expectations way beyond the barriers you're faced with inside your organization every day.

Because we treat you like you're part of OUR organization. We're your marketing team—you just may not know it yet.

Co-Founder & CEO

Evan is the key to every project, defining the company’s commitment to client service, execution and experience. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer specializing in driving MAKE forward to ensure what we say, what we do and what we commit to always stay in alignment.

His background spans across multiple industries and sectors which includes some of the largest retailers in the world. A few notable relationships include Dollar General, McDonald’s, Gold’s Gym, Black & Veatch, Massage Heights and Sprint Corporation.

When you need a blend of marketing + data + web + creative, Evan has a unique ability to mix and match to produce innovative and award-winning solutions.

Co-Founder & President

Andrea is the Co-Founder & President of MAKE Digital Group. From branding strategies and content marketing, search engine optimization, customer acquisition and social media marketing, Andrea’s ability to build brands and drive sales with a digital-led approach is impeccable. She has worked on national brands in a variety of industries and has managed and seen to fruition hundreds of website builds. Andrea works with organizations and business owners to solve business challenges through leadership and strategic planning.

In 2013, she helped found an organization called Kansas City Women in Technology focused on providing young girls and business professionals with access to online programming, design, coding, and development skills. She serves on the Marketing Advisory Council for University of Missouri – Kansas City and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Gala Committee, and has served as a speaker at WordPress Camp, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Kansas City International Association of Business Communicators (KCIABC), and enjoys working with non-profits that support STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), children, and women in technology.

Director of Client Strategy

Kevin has been working with and leading marketing teams for the past decade. From partnering with industry leading brands in high-volume verticals to launching (and selling) his own agency, Kevin’s inherent marketing skills and passion for data-driven performance serve him well when helping lead the MAKE team.

Since graduating with a creative advertising degree from Kansas State University, Kevin has been heavily involved in the agency world, spearheading client-centric initiatives focused on marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, email marketing, SMM, conversion optimization and data analytics (a personal favorite). The only thing Kevin might love more than digital marketing is Kansas State athletics and the show Seinfeld – not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Marketing Director

Trisha oversees all things strategy, marketing and operations at MAKE, and is actively involved in defining and shaping MAKE’s core disciplines, including marketing, planning, user experience, client services, project management, and technology. She delivers the strategy, process, and purpose behind every project. Letting no detail go without care, she is constantly pushing MAKE and our clients forward, creating solutions that transform businesses and create exceptional brand experiences. With the personal and professional motto of “process makes perfect,” Trisha ensures MAKE’s work is innovative and of the highest quality.

Creative Director

When Ryan isn’t designing something, he gets pretty sad. So we keep Ryan happy by keeping him very hands-on with the design of your project. While his title tells you he’s our creative director, and while he does actually direct the designy, artsy stuff we make, he still can’t help but dabble in the designing himself. And by “can’t help himself” we mean “won’t help himself,” because Ryan has no plans to stop creating anytime soon. Motion graphics, animation, web design—he even does some front-end development for us, because he feels like he has to put his computer science degree to good use once in awhile.

If it involves telling your story in a compelling, interesting, effective way, you can be sure Ryan is going to get his hands on your project in one fashion or another.

Senior Web Developer

Jake’s passion in life is writing code. Great code. So we said, hey, we’ll pay you to do that! He thought that sounded fantastic, so here he is, writing great code for all of humankind.

When he isn’t writing code, he’s reading about it—staying up on all the latest tools, technology, best practices, and bleeding edge functionality. So when you get a website built by Jake Stewart, you start showing it off and talking about it in awkward social situations where people don’t usually talk about websites.

He’s not too shabby at Rocket League either; a little practice with his Maine Coon cat on his lap, and he’ll be as good as David in no time.

Project Manager

We’re all a little afraid of Brie. If we let projects slip behind schedule, she will—well, that’s why we don’t let your project slip behind schedule. Because Brie is here, slicing and dicing timelines to fit our work into insanely well-orchestrated harmony.

Brie is an M-I-Z-Z-O-U product, where her journalism degree baked an innate sense of deadlines and time management into her core, and her love and instinct for digital marketing brought her here, to us. Which is awesome for us—and you.

…But we’re still a little afraid of her.

Account Manager

This is Rylie. She’s our awesome account manager for all our awesome accounts. The first thing you need to know about Rylie is that she’s part Canadian. So she’s, like, the nicest person ever. The second thing you should know is that she’s from Texas, which means she gets down to business. The third thing about Rylie is that she graduated from Kansas State with a degree in marketing, so she’s got all the skills and tools to orchestrate your account and communications.

Because Canada and Texas weren’t diverse enough, Rylie studied in England for a semester as well, which fed her unending love of traveling. And when she’s not on a flight to somewhere cool, she’s probably training for her next half-marathon. You know, because she’s already got one of those in the bag.

Web Designer

Corey is a rare combination of designer and developer with a passion for envisioning innovative ideas, incubating them, and seeing them come to life. She creates brands, campaigns, websites, and media. She also creates jewelry—as in, she’s a metalsmith in her free time. Think about how cool that is. And then consider that that’s not the coolest thing about her: she’s also a world class (yeah, Corey, we said world class) snowboarder.

Digital Strategist

We’re so blessed here at MAKE, we even get the best digital strategists. Gaby comes to us from Kansas State, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing while crushing life as a member of the Panhellenic Council and K-State Proud. She’s all about asking questions to get the answers that fuel her strategies—which is done at a pace bordering on unbelievable. She’s got an awesome dog, she’s not above sarcasm, and she’s got skills and smarts for days…so, yeah, Gaby fits right in here at MAKE.


Did you know “Adelie” is a type of penguin? Well, you do now. We don’t have any penguins here at MAKE, but we do have an Adelie, and our Adelie is a better writer than any penguin could ever hope to be (those flippers would make it tough anyway).

Armed with a bachelor’s in public relations from Missouri Southern—and a minor in mass communications for good measure—Adelie is fluent in the art of being fluent; composing one elegant, impactful piece after another for our clients across a variety of long- and short-form mediums. She’s also a big fan of KC coffee shops, which is good, because she works above one now.

We know her as Addy, and you’ll know her as the girl who crushes content writing for you on the regular.

Junior Web Developer

Scott is not your typical developer—and we think that’s fantastic. He’s not just going to write beautiful code; he’s going to bake in a ton of personality with all those ones and zeros. With a degree in musical theater (and minors in sales and marketing, just for fun), Scott brings a fresh perspective to the world of development. But don’t worry: he’s also a graduate of KU’s full-stack bootcamp, so front- and back-end code alike are as musical to his ears as…well, music is.

Here are some more fun things about Mr. Salem: he’s got a magical last name (see what we did there?); he’s passionate about game design and development; he’s totally into D&D (that’s Dungeons & Dragons for you n00bs out there); and he’s besties with the Lord Mayor of Perth in Australia—no joke!

Senior PPC Specialist

Chelsey currently serves as our Senior PPC Specialist, handling all of our Paid Ads accounts.

Executive Assistant

Natalie is obsessed—her words—with the energy of Kansas City. She’s been here for about 10 years, and is looking forward to about 200 more. (It could happen; she’s super healthy, into wellness and yoga and living well and all that good stuff.) Keep throwing tasks at her and prepare to be amazed as she organizes them with ease. When she’s not dominating to-dos, Natalie is binging history documentaries between cups of good coffee whenever her kiddos allow such pleasures—which is admittedly rare.

Digital Marketer

Kayla is entering her junior year at Truman State University, where she is majoring in marketing and graphic design. One major just wasn’t enough for her! A true Midwestern gal, Kayla is from right here in Kansas City, and always enjoys cheering for the Royals and visiting the Nelson. She also loves crafting, traveling the world, and reading. If you’re lucky, she might just make you one of her homemade greeting cards…

Digital Marketer

Maria is about to enter her senior year at the University of Kansas, where she is majoring in strategic communications, with a minor in business. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO (let’s go Blues!), she feels right at home here in the Midwest. If you want to strike up a convo with Maria, you’d be wise to try out these topics: coffee, the thrill of meeting new people, and talking about when she traveled to India…yes, India.

Graphic Designer

Hannah is about to enter her senior year at the University of Kansas, where she’s well on her way to earning a BFA in Visual Communications with a concentration in Strategic Communications. She’s also an ISTJ and a scorpio, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you read up on those, you probably didn’t need to read this bio in the first place. Too late now, though, eh?

Graphic Designer

Gabbi brings her soul’s values into her work here at MAKE. Those values include minimalism, sustainability—and beautiful design. She’s inspired by these things, and inspired to apply them to your brand, your project, your very life.

Corporate Security

Kita is a dog.

Morale Officer

Brutus is a dog.