Kansas City's Digital Marketing Team

We're strategists, marketers, designers, developers, and visionaries who love working with one another—and would love to work with you, too.

Together we MAKE creative and intriguing campaigns for brands that want to MAKE a difference. We serve as an extension to your marketing team, plugged in as a source of knowledge because of proven methods that translate into results. We work across traditional and digital channels to help you exceed expectations way beyond the barriers you're faced with inside your organization every day.

Because we treat you like you're part of OUR organization. We're your marketing team—you just may not know it yet.

Co-Founder & CEO

Evan is the key to every project, defining the company’s commitment to client service, execution and experience. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer specializing in driving MAKE forward to ensure what we say, what we do and what we commit to always stay in alignment.

His background spans across multiple industries and sectors which includes some of the largest retailers in the world. A few notable relationships include Dollar General, McDonald’s, Gold’s Gym, Black & Veatch, Massage Heights and Sprint Corporation.

When you need a blend of marketing + data + web + creative, Evan has a unique ability to mix and match to produce innovative and award-winning solutions.

Co-Founder & President

Andrea is the Co-Founder & President of MAKE Digital Group. From branding strategies and content marketing, search engine optimization, customer acquisition and social media marketing, Andrea’s ability to build brands and drive sales with a digital-led approach is impeccable. She has worked on national brands in a variety of industries and has managed and seen to fruition hundreds of website builds. Andrea works with organizations and business owners to solve business challenges through leadership and strategic planning.

In 2013, she helped found an organization called Kansas City Women in Technology focused on providing young girls and business professionals with access to online programming, design, coding, and development skills. She serves on the Marketing Advisory Council for University of Missouri – Kansas City and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Gala Committee, and has served as a speaker at WordPress Camp, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Kansas City International Association of Business Communicators (KCIABC), and enjoys working with non-profits that support STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), children, and women in technology.

Director of Operations

Kevin has been working with and leading marketing teams for the past decade. From partnering with industry leading brands in high-volume verticals to launching (and selling) his own agency, Kevin’s inherent marketing skills and passion for data-driven performance serve him well when helping lead the MAKE team.

Since graduating with a creative advertising degree from Kansas State University, Kevin has been heavily involved in the agency world, spearheading client-centric initiatives focused on marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, email marketing, SMM, conversion optimization and data analytics (a personal favorite). The only thing Kevin might love more than digital marketing is Kansas State athletics and the show Seinfeld – not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Director of Client Strategy

Lisa was born and raised in Minocqua, WI. Yes, that’s spelled right, and yes, it’s practically Canada. Way the hell up there. But she’s here now, which is all that matters! A graduate of the University of Wisconsin with an MBA from Rockhurst University here in KC, Lisa has a ton of tools and experience geared toward helping businesses get noticed and recognized for all the amazing things they do. She’ll ask you, “What’s your end goal with this message? We’ll get you there, and here’s how”—and she’ll actually mean it. Revolutionary, right?

In true made-to-be-at-MAKE fashion, Lisa is also a dog mom. Her dog’s name is Madison, and she was 100% named for the town Lisa’s alma mater is in. No regrets.

Senior Account Manager

Denise is a Northwest Missouri State grad who double-majored in business administration and marketing, and accidentally minored in art. How do you accidentally minor in something? You’d have to ask her. A KCMO native, Denise has experience in spades when it comes to helping clients navigate the work—and the purpose of the work—we do for them, and helping us truly get what clients need from MAKE. In fact, that’s Denise’s passion: creating genuine, productive connections between both her clients and her colleagues. Well, that, and watching Arsenal soc—er, football—at dawn on Saturdays.

Senior Web Designer

Corey is a rare combination of designer and developer with a passion for envisioning innovative ideas, incubating them, and seeing them come to life. She creates brands, campaigns, websites, and media. She also creates jewelry—as in, she’s a metalsmith in her free time. Think about how cool that is. And then consider that that’s not the coolest thing about her: she’s also a world class (yeah, Corey, we said world class) snowboarder.


Taylor is a yogi—as in, a yoga teacher, not a pic-a-nic basket-thieving bear—so she’s already cooler than most. She has a degree in journalism and a master’s in history, and she’s a self-professed grammar nerd. In terms of describing the quintessential copywriter, what else do you need to know? More? OK. She’s a diehard Jayhawk fan, as any good Lawrence native would be, and back in school, everyone always copied her writing assignments because, as we already told you, she’s an unrepentant grammar nerd.

Web Developer

A former barista in a past life, Seth knows all about customer service and user experience. Not bad things to know for someone who puts his programming training to use building user-centric, client-satisfying websites, eh? He loves coffee. Like, to an alarming degree. He’s borderline snobbish about it, really…but we don’t mind, because he knows his coffee, and he helps us know it too. Just like he’ll help you connect to your users with awesome web experiences.

Graphic Designer

Gabbi brings her soul’s values into her work here at MAKE. Those values include minimalism, sustainability—and beautiful design. She’s inspired by these things, and inspired to apply them to your brand, your project, your very life.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Brandon’s only flaw we’ve found so far is that he’s an Eagles fan. Like, the Philadelphia Eagles, not the band. But we get over that by giving him partial credit for bringing Andy Reid to the Chiefs, so it’s all good. Besides, his finely tuned skills in managing clients and their needs, honed from years in advertising and sales, more than make up for his questionable NFL franchise choices. Beyond marketing and football, Brandon’s also a basketball and video game enthusiast when he can find the time. He graduated with a degree in marketing and a minor in psychology—so we choose our words carefully around him—from Missouri State.

SEO Manager

When asked to describe himself, Austin uses the phrase, “intensely research driven.” Who says that? A rockstar SEO specialist, that’s who. Drawn to MAKE for our ability—and thus, his ability—to directly impact clients’ bottom lines, Austin’s been in the business of improving technical performance and discoverability since 2014-ish. A Kansas City area native, he spends his leisure time showing off his Sporting KC and Chelsea supporter scarves and demolishing boxes of Mike & Ike’s.

Account Manager

You want someone in the account manager’s chair who loves turning ideas into action. That’s who Gage is. (And that’s why we put him in that chair.) A Kansas City native and KU grad, Gage has a real thing for getting to know our clients’ businesses and challenges, so he’s off-the-charts effective at bringing solutions to the table which actually solve those challenges. He’s strategic; he’s creative in his problem-solving approach; and he plays a mean guitar. He’s also kind of a showoff, if we’re being honest, having run a couple half-marathons and toured nationally with his band. But that’s fine, because he’s our showoff.

Marketing Intern

Maggie is witty, enthusiastic, and a real sharp addition to our team. While her music taste is a bit spotty (we won’t let her add Justin Bieber to our MAKE Spotify playlist), we’ve got along pretty well so far. She comes from a long (long) line of Jayhawks and has a knack for asking thoughtful questions that make the rest of us work to find the right answer. That being said, it makes us all smarter in the end and we’re lucky to have her… As long as she has made her bed that morning—because apparently forgetting to make it puts her in a real bad mood. We hope to never see that.

PPC Specialist

Chelsey currently serves as our PPC Specialist, handling all of our Paid Ads accounts.

Corporate Security

Kita is a dog.

Morale Officer

Brutus is a dog.