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Scary Good Marketing: 5 SEO Tips To Sink Your Teeth Into!

Marketing doesn’t have to be scary. With the right SEO tips and tricks in place, you and your team can take flight in the night and start magically moving your marketing efforts in the right direction. 

Unfortunately, there are millions of blogs on the topic of SEO tips and tricks. It can be hard to understand where to start (and sometimes where to stop). 

To help you on your journey, we caught up with our new SEO wizard Austin Montgomery to compile this list of the best SEO tips with ways that you can really bite into the topic as much or as little as you want. 

Google Search Console is an extremely powerful (and free!) tool that can help anyone who owns, operates, or works on a website. Basically, if you’re reading this blog about SEO tips, you probably want to use this platform.

You might remember it as Google Webmaster Tools, but since professionals from copywriters to account managers work on websites today, Google changed the name to Google Search Console to be more inclusive of everyone who utilizes the tool.

Simply put, Google Search Console gives you better insight into your website and the people who visit it. It’s almost like a bit of wizardry. From figuring out how people find out about your site to whether they’re on a tablet or mobile device, Google Search Console provides a ton of metrics to help you make educated choices and stir up new types of content ideas and marketing plans.

We also like it because you can set up notifications to learn in real-time when Google finds errors so that you can magically fix them in no time! 

Ready to sink your teeth into this topic a bit further? Check out this blog from the team at Yoast.

(Reminder: Frankenstein is the mad scientist, not The Monster. We don’t recommend you putting on your monster hat.) 

SEO and search engines are continually changing and adapting—meaning you have to be somewhat of a mad scientist to understand SEO. Just when you think you know what the right way to write a meta description is, POOF — Google changes the rules again. 

While it might seem like a frustrating experience (especially as an SEO expert), it’s actually for the best. When everyone understands the rules and how to beat them, there’s no room for creativity anymore. When “good content” just means optimized content, actual users are the ones who suffer. Google changes its rules as a way of forcing content wizards and SEO scientists to prioritize the user experience over perfect optimization.

There are dozens of SEO specific blogs that can help you with the latest and greatest news and SEO tips. Here are a few of Austin’s favorites that you can use to sink your teeth into further:

Yes, it is much easier to just pay someone to do your SEO (like us!). Just like it’s much easier to simply buy candy at the store instead of walking door-to-door and asking for free treats from complete strangers.

But that’s not how Halloween works, is it? And just paying someone to do your SEO without understanding it in the slightest shouldn’t be the way it works either. Having a base-level knowledge of SEO tips will help you know if your marketing partner is making a good move for your business and its goals.

At the end of the day, you are the expert at what your business does and why it does it—not your marketing partner. When you come from a place of knowledge, you can be empowered to help your team do better work that makes more sense. 

We recommend signing up for a newsletter or two (like the Marketing Dive newsletter or The SEO Digest) to get yourself started.

Think about the last few things you searched for. It was likely a question, right? And even if you only typed in “macaroni and cheese,” your search engine understood that you were probably trying to answer a question surrounding the delicious dish, like how to make it, where to buy it or what it is. 

Almost every search that takes place on a search engine is someone trying to find out more information. Therefore, it’s essential to know, review, and collect customer questions—and then answer them.

Just like you use an Ouija board to answer paranormal asks, you can preemptively answer your customers’ inquiries on your site. Not only will your customers think you’re reading their minds with some of the questions, but you’ll also be delivering a better SEO experience as well.

There is enormous untapped potential when it comes to Q&A formats. This in-depth blog from Moz will help you dive deeper into one of our favorite SEO tips.

Sure, there are many ranking factors that a search engine like Google reviews when looking at your site. We could sit here and write SEO tips all day. 

But no matter how many keywords you have and how spot-on the length is, writing good content is still the most important piece. 

Preserve your spot at the top with spot-on writing, wrapped up in a tight little optimized mummy. Without having well-optimized, long-form content on your site, search engines will have little understanding of what your site is trying to say. It’s really that simple.

Consider reviewing all of your company’s offerings, products, etc. and make sure that you have well built, uniquely optimized content pieces for each of these significant business touchpoints.

Here are some of our favorite blogs on the topic:

If all these SEO tips sound too spooky for you this Halloween season, reach out to us. We’re here to take the scare out of marketing.

Download the full checklist:

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