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7 Things Your Website Could Be Lacking


When looking through a website for the first time, people will generally be more drawn to an eye-catching image rather than a full page of nothing but text. For your website to be most effective, you should make sure that you have enough relevant imagery to get your idea across. It is also important that these images be high quality, so make sure you are getting them from a quality source, or if you are getting your own photos taken, that you choose a skilled photographer.



These are the little words and phrases in your website copy that help people find your website when they “Google” your field. This means that even if people don’t know you yet, but they search for a top keyword that you have utilized on your website, they will see your name pop up on their search and (hopefully) click through. Without these keywords, it becomes much more difficult to get new traffic to your website.



Developing a unique voice for your company is important in being remembered. If you are a fun-loving group of people, you don’t want to sound stuffy, but if your company is traditionally more formal, a laid-back voice in your writing will give the wrong impression.



While it might not seem as important as some of the other pages, this page is typically one of the most, or the most, frequently looked at pages. People want to know that there are real people behind the website, and it helps build your trust and credibility if they can read about how passionate the employees are about their work.



Make sure your contact information is readily visible. Include links to your social media, email marketing opt-ins, and inquiry forms as well. These pages allow you to continue to form meaningful connections outside of the website, and having links encourages site visitors to follow or like your social pages and sign up for your emails.



Encourage people to connect with you! Using phrases like “call us for more info” or “get started today!” will get people to take the next step from passive to active. Especially important is that there is someone available for a timely response; you’d hate to miss out on a connection!



Finally, make sure all your pages are easily accessible and clear. Don’t make people search for what they need, and don’t use unclear wording for your pages. Have all your website’s important information readily available to any site visitor.