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Live To Bloom

What is Live to Bloom?


Live to Bloom is a program that helps young women discover their unique strengths, develop their innate talents, and follow their passions with the goal to obtain a job that fits their personality and skills. They partner with fellow non-profits to provide workshops for the participants. During these workshops, professionals provide them with a vast amount of tools for the job search process. Our CEO, Andrea, has known the executive director and co-founder of Live to Bloom, Pamela Potts, for several years. So, when she learned about their upcoming event aimed at helping young female professionals, we were excited to support her.


Live To Bloom


Live to Bloom gives them experience in interviewing, professional appearance, resume help, job applications, and presentation skills. On a more personal level, they help the women with self-discovery, self-esteem and empowering them. Especially important is that they help these women to believe in their own value. The importance of providing more women with the essential tools to prepare them for future career opportunities is an issue that we’re passionate about supporting.
In addition to the workshops, volunteers from the community step up as mentors and coaches for these young women. They give them one on one time and advice for their professional development. The dedication that Live to Bloom commits to giving these women ample opportunity to succeed is amazing and inspiring. But without volunteers, none of that would be possible.


Live to Bloom


How is MAKE involved?

Finally, that’s where we come on. To support this amazing endeavor, we’ve been working with Live to Bloom to build a website that showcases who they are and what they’re trying to achieve. Their upcoming event on March 5th is what all us MAKERS are looking forward to. Live to Bloom partnered with the Central Exchange for a whole day of workshops at the Mohart Multipurpose Center. From 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., we and dozens of other volunteers will be working with program participants in different ways. Education and career opportunities, interview skills, resume writing, and image coaching are some of the ways we’ll be helping these women empower themselves.

We are all crazy excited to get involved and make a difference with such a fantastic organization. Live to Bloom goes above and beyond in making a difference in our community. As a result, giving these women the opportunity to learn skills that will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives is priceless. If you’d like to get involved, check out their site here. Needless to say, the more involvement from the community, the better! We hope to see you there.


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