Group 19

MAKE’s Building History

We at MAKE love being located in the heart of Westport. Even better, we are located in a building that has such an interesting history behind it. The space that now holds MAKE Digital Group used to be an old fire station that was built during Roosevelt’s WPA (Works Progress Administration) in 1939. Firefighters used it until the day it was decommissioned in 2005. The new station 19, which is located at 43rd St. in Old Westport, has been open since 2006.


It was in 2007 that Bill and Sara Honan purchased the building from the city to have a new location for her business, Broadway Roasting Company. The goal was to expand production and roasting operations. After 9 long months of the renovation process, including demolition and mechanical and electrical updates to create the building and office we work in now.

In fact, where the MAKE office is located was formerly the sleeping quarters for the firefighters. As you can see below, the transformation was a big one. We do love having our fire poles around to add character. Back in our studio, which used to be the old hose tower, there’s more evidence to the building’s history. Our employees can still see the names of the firefighters written on the wall who worked here before the decommission.

Even now, firefighters will drop by to visit what is now the Broadway Roasting Company’s coffee roasting location and the former garage that held fire trucks. When the firefighters visit, they still tell stories and pranks about the good old days. For example, behind the roasting equipment, there are still holes in the wall from where firefighters had a little too much fun with a bow and arrow.

We’re happy to be part of the colorful history of such an interesting building.