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Meet the MAKER: Brittany

We are so excited to welcome our newest technical project manager to the team: Brittany Grunzinger! She was looking for a team who valued producing high quality work and building strong relationships while keeping a genuine focus on a happy home life.  Lucky for us, Brittany found herself in the right place at the right time at MAKE Digital Group. 

Besides bringing a boatload of enthusiasm to the team, Brittany’s professional experience started in 2012 in the IT staffing industry working as an administrative assistant and talent acquisition coordinator. Then in 2018, she moved into marketing. At a fast-paced agency environment, what began as an administrative assistant and project coordinator role quickly grew to an operations manager and project manager position before evolving into a technically focused position as a senior project manager and interim web & software director. Whew—she was hustling! 

After more than four years in marketing, Brittany had absorbed a multitude of information covering everything from brand messaging to web builders to revenue goals for clients in various industries. She learned that her skills were best leveraged catering to strong client relationships while managing projects with a technical focus. At that point, she made the decision in 2022 to come to MAKE as a Technical Project Manager where she now focuses on exactly what she wanted to do and it’s been a dream come true.

Don’t let all of that experience intimidate you! Brittany is sweet and sappy and can hardly stop herself from making mushy comments about how team work makes the dream work. We’ve learned to love this trait. 

When she’s not crushing client projects (or crushing on Paul Rudd), Brittany has been rediscovering her love for art, reading, and cooking. She’s the modern day Renaissance woman!

Quickfire questions

  • Last song you jammed out to: How Bizarre by OMC.
  • Best pizza topping: Sausage & green pepper -OR- Pepperoni, jalapeño, and pineapple.
  • Salty or sweet: Sweet!
  • Favorite KC hangout spot: Any friend’s backyard.
  • Something always in your purse: Lipstick. 


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