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Remote Workforce: 5 Ways to Work from Home


Tools & Tricks to maximize productivity

An essential part of business now and in the future is being able to effectively and efficiently work from home or away from the office. When you work remote you have to adjust accordingly to your new schedule and way of communication with your peers and team members. Being able to utilize communication tools and digital platforms assist in both your professional and personal relationship building. Business can be done easily when you understand the best process to remain productive no matter where your location. Here are 5 tips to successfully work from anywhere. 

1. Communication is King

Being able to connect through your communication is an important asset for your job. At our fingertips are business communication platforms that can increase your outreach. At MAKE Digital Group we use a variety of tools. 

Here’s just a few: 

  • #slack– Manage project updates and personal chat logs
  •– Video and audio conferencing 
  • Google Suite– For connectivity and productivity
  • Asana– Track tasks and project management


2. Digital Tool Belt

When working away from the office it is best to have your tool belt equipped with technology. As simple as a solid internet connection to having an extra monitor for easy viewing of multiple screens on your workstation.  

Here’s our quick tool belt list:

  • Wi-Fi (strong connection for video calls and streaming)
  • Headphones (sound-cancelling are helpful) 
  • Dedicated Work Space 
  • Quality Video Camera 
  • Wireless Printer
  • Secondary Monitor and Wireless Keyboards or Mouse


3. Remote Routine

If you’re working from home you’ve just shaved off minutes or hours from your daily commute. Use that time to create a new routine and schedule that includes breaks for lunch and considers calls or meetings that may run overtime. Start your day with breakfast, getting dressed, and prepare to work from a dedicated environment or home office.

A few ideas for your schedule:

  • Simple stretching every few hours 
  • Walk over lunch to keep energy levels up 
  • Take a regular lunch and breaks to boost your mood
  • Try using part of your lunch break to exercise 
  • Healthy snacks on hand will keep you focused and alert


4. “FUN”damental Connections

Whether you’re at home or at a coffee shop, the ability to also have fun and remain social with your team members is equally as important. Strike up conversations about your personal life, what’s going on at home, your city, or in the world. Sharing memes, company jokes and stories helps with feeling relatable and strengthens the company culture. Figure out the best time for banter in your online chats and welcome much needed water cooler conversations. 


5. Virtual is a Visual Experience

When you’re not meeting in person you can miss out on some human contact and behaviors. By being cognizant of your surroundings and quality visual experience you can increase your connection with team members or peers. 

Here’s a few tips to help with your on-camera conversations: 

  • Have good lighting 
  • Focus on eye contact
  • Prepare technology in advance – check that cameras and microphones are on
  • Have visuals ready to be explained 
  • Avoid distractions – remove background noise and declutter backgrounds
  • Be expressive – smile, nod and wave. Body language helps us communicate, too.

By ensuring that you’re visibly engaged you can have a rewarding and successful online experience. With more of us working remotely and with technology at our fingertips we can be productive no matter our location.


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