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Rule #1: Create Meaningful Work

Here at MAKE, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the most incredible organizations. Many of our clients have made it their mission to add a little good to the world, and REACH Healthcare is no exception.

As a nonprofit, REACH’s mission is to advance equity in health care coverage, access, and quality for poor and underserved people. Their work is a catalyst for health care change and it demonstrates inclusiveness, respect and appreciation for the backgrounds, differences, and points of view of others. Their open dialogue has allowed them to foster change and continuous improvement in the healthcare field.

Most recently, MAKE had the opportunity to support REACH creatively in their efforts. As an agency that focuses on user experience in web design and development, we had the opportunity to take REACH’s brand and create a website that would represent it.

However, MAKE rarely ever just creates “websites.” We create user experiences that allow brands like REACH to not only inform their users, but engage them.

Our web designer, Corey, shared, “When working on laying out and designing the REACH site, we wanted to create something that would support and compliment their mission. The site needed to be approachable and informative yet easily digestible while remaining clean and organized. By keeping those things in mind, we were able to create a product that was appropriate for all of REACH’s audiences.”

When it comes to our non-profit clients, it’s extra important that we take the time to help them craft their message in the form of a website. We wanted the REACH website to be able to communicate its mission and unite people through a common goal.

For our developers, it was a chance to experiment with development practices and hone their skills. “We broke the site down into components. Instead of copy pasting code all over the place, a component gets used multiple times. The trick being making components that have attributes that can be adjusted so the component does seem generic.”

On a whim, we submitted the final website to NonProfit Connect’s Philly Awards. The Philly Awards celebrate local nonprofits driving social change through outstanding achievements in communications and marketing. Nonprofit Connect’s signature contest enhances the image of nonprofit organizations and elevates the professionalism of nonprofit communications in our community.

And the moment you’re waiting for…..we won! (Silver, and we’re pumped about it.)


Philly Awards 2018 (1)


We’re so happy when our creations can translate to moments of accomplishment for our clients, especially when their cause is as meaningful as REACH’s. We’d like to extend a BIG congratulations to the rest of the winners and non-profits that were honored at the event, and we’re so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community!

To learn more about REACH Healthcare and their mission, visit their website or view their annual report.


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