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Nickel & Suede​

Website & Marketing Case Study for Ecommerce Business

Notable project results:

  • 20,000% increase in desirable CTAs after A/B testing & UI recommendations
  • 19:1 Google Ads return on ad spend investment
  • 49% increase in organic traffic vs. previous year
  • Successful email campaign strategy and revamp
  • New corporate brand voice guidelines

Nickel & Suede


Ecommerce | Fashion


As Nickel & Suede quickly became a national brand in late 2018 with a three-year revenue growth of over 3,000%, co-founders and husband/wife team Soren and Kilee Nickels knew it was time to invest in a comprehensive marketing strategy to keep the momentum going. With one brick and mortar store in Liberty, MO and an incredibly successful online business, Soren and Kilee were ready to scale – and scale quickly. 


Digital Marketing Strategy & Management

Website Development & Maintenance

SEO & Content Creation

Brand Messaging


Email Marketing


Between continuing to capitalize on new and returning visitors to both the site and store as well as putting a strong foundation in place to drive ongoing growth into the future, Nickel & Suede was looking for a multi-dimensional partner to help create and execute on a variety of marketing services and deliverables.

Priorities included getting brand messaging finalized and ready for all future communications, optimizing the Nickel & Suede website to drive as many conversions as possible, sending consistent emails to their existing customer base, investing in PPC campaigns, and more.


Fast forward five years and Nickel & Suede is experiencing the exact success they envisioned and hoped for in 2018. With store expansions to both Kansas City and Dallas, a growing product catalog of accessories, and an annual revenue of $5.8 million, the brand has skyrocketed nationwide as one of the premier retailers for leather earrings, modern jewelry, and overall fashion.

Nickel & Suede​

Website & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Navigation optimizations via robust A/B variable audience testing provided insight into prioritizing Earring of the Month® page towards the top of the Explore tab – resulted in an over 20,000% increase in overall clicks

Nickel & Suede​

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After launching a new ecommerce SEO strategy, the Nickel & Suede site saw a massive improvement in organic rankings of over 500 business relevant keywords within the first 12 months.


increase in organic traffic in first 12 months vs. previous year

Nickel & Suede​


Comprehensive brand voice audit revealed specific traits – and data points on how to frame them – that were crucial to positive public perception with recommendations on how to incorporate them into messaging and communications

Nickel & Suede​

Paid Media (PPC)

MAKE engaged with the Nickel & Suede team to create a paid media strategy for the 2019 holiday season.

Social media ads via Facebook and Instagram delivered a 12:1 return on ad spend investment, generating over $368,000 in new revenue. Similarly, Google ads delivered a 19:1 return on ad spend investment, generating over $173,000 in new revenue.


average return on Google Ads ad spend investment

Nickel & Suede​


Redesigned email campaigns were responsible for the majority of referred traffic to the website (24.6%) and $108,520 in monthly revenue by December 2019

Email automations suggested and implemented by MAKE (Welcome Email & Abandoned Cart Email) brought in over $21,600 over the course of 8 months while averaging 51.2% open rate and 12% click rate

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