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Get to Know the MAKER: Corey


Say hello to Corey, our new addition to the MAKE Digital Group design team since this fall. Joining us in the role of Interactive Developer, Corey comes from an experienced background working with the Natural Baby Company over 2 years doing, well, everything. Graphic design, website development, product design, print media, digital marketing – let’s just say we’re happy to have her talent at MAKE!

With a major in graphic design from Montana State, a family history of artists, and a love of making her own jewelry & clothing, it’s no question she’s the kind of creative mind we love having on the team.

Outside of designing, site styling and web developing during work hours, Corey is a lover of anything to do with the outdoors. Being raised in scenic Wyoming means hiking, camping, snowboarding, and pretty much anything that requires a parka is on her list of fave activities.

Though she’s only been in Kansas City since August (along with her dog & new MAKE pup Kita!), Corey is already loving the KC culture and the variety that the city brings. She’s already a fan of First Fridays, the food scene, and of course, the new trails & outdoors activities out there to explore.

Welcome to the team!

Your real name is…

Corey Ellbogen

But, you also go by…

Cor, Hardcor, Cor Dog

Your hometown is the lovely little town/state of…

Casper, Wyoming

Your role at MAKE…

Interactive Developer

You LOVE to…

Be outside, play with my dog, snowboard, hang out with friends, cook, eat, travel, eat while travelling. Really any combination of the aforementioned!

What is your favorite type of food?

PIZZA! Really, who doesn’t like pizza? It’s so versatile!

Where is your dream vacation?

I’d love to go snowboarding somewhere incredible like Japan, Switzerland, or British Columbia.

You’re the happiest when…

I’m happiest when I’m out in the mountains, preferably with friends, family, and dogs. There’s something amazing about being surrounded by wilderness, especially with the grandeur of mountains. It really grounds you.

You’d like to be famous for…

I can’t quite say that I’d like to be famous, it seems like it’d be a bit of a headache. But, if I had to pick, it’d be for something super neat like inventing a way of turning household waste into energy.

Anything else we should know about you?

A couple of my favorite hobbies are metalsmithing and sewing. I love making clothes and jewelry because then I can get exactly what I want!